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12:50am 16/05/2004
  most common of all things in i.b is the alienation.
its common steriotypes are...
Bro - "br'oh': Commonly known to be quite snobby, very clickish; into 'his/her' world of little friends. Usually isolating everyone else around them as if.. only what they did mattered more then anyone else. Usually blonde hair, and commonly associated with, "Skater"

Skater 'skay"tur': Skater is known for wearing matching outfits. Preferably logos such as; Volcom, Hurley, Vans... need I go on? Many of these kinds of persons is commonly associated with "Marijuana", seen to have about medium length hair (about 2-4 inches), the rebels are the ones with longer hair (5-12). They skatebored; many hope to be famous skaters; many many fail misribly.

Cholo "ch'olo': this character steriotype is quite known for being the prick of the town, common phrases include: "aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeehhhhhhh", "puulehhhhdo", "hoto!" oh and it just goes on and on. usually bald, in plad t-shirts or wife beater. commonly associated with, "Social" and "Tagger"

Social "so'shul": Social is very known to be the one with the tight pants, gator shoes, 99 cent sunglasses, clean cut hair, walkie talkie cell phones and very much a prick to anyone who isint within their 'inner circle'. "Socials" love to pretend and act as if they were better then everyone else, when in reality many of them live in "Mexico" because many of their parents cant afford living here. very fancy indeed.

Pothead "paw't"head' - oh the pothead comes in many forms, the pot head is usually either somone from each steriotype or just somone who runs around a few steriotypes getting stoned with everyone everyday and usually end up talking about how "fucked up" they got this weekend. Commonly also a alcoholic or druggie.

there is much much more to come.... feel free to add on.

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need drummer in san diego! 
07:31pm 04/04/2004
  yo! we are 60652. we are a radical band from outer space currently residing in san diego! this space band from outer space consists of members from the apples, toast, and please mr gravedigger. this band is totally rad!. All this totaly rad band needs is a drummer. this totaly rad band realy needs a drummer. badly. so if you are up to the adventure you can contact 60652 at the following locations for your convience and comfort.

(619) 739-3110 "israel"
(619) 423-3673 "agent kellen fury"

e-mail toast666@sbcglobal.net

aim: mr666grieves (agent fury)
aim: violentworld1084 (israel)

space adress: 612549773524 milkey way galaxy

contact us by any of these means if you want adventure and fantasy in your life. thanx!!!
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12:31am 19/03/2004
  All you Zelda lovers, STFU and watch this


Jizz cakes.
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02:39am 18/03/2004
06:43am 09/03/2004